Naturally dressing modern kitchens

Wooden Worktops



Heat Resistant

Solid Wood

Bring a natural element to your kitchen with a solid wood worktop. These wooden worktops make a statement and add warmth to the atmosphere of your home. Choose from the many solid timber types. Solid wood worktops are polished and properly sealed before installation. 


Looking for something natural but a little more modern and low maintenance? Veneer is made up of layers of wood bonded together. These layers are then topped off with a decorative cover. Veneer is available in many colours, wood and stone look-a-likes. They are also either finished in high gloss, matt or textured.   

Resin Board

Create unique worktops with your choice of solid wood and resin. Solid wood boards joined with a river of crystal clear resin are a growing trend. Resins can be coloured to suit your decor as well.