Rich and natural beauty

Natural Stone Worktops

Choose the eco alternative with natural stone worktops. We supply Granite, Marble and Onyx, available in a range of natural colours with unique vein structures. Use a natural stone counter as the statement piece of your kitchen or quietly compliment it with neutral elegance.

100% Natural


Heat Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Stain Resistant

Granite Worktops

Granite is 100% natural stone. Formed from crystallised magma over 1000s of years. It is a lightly coloured rock with large grains.

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Marble Worktops

Marble is an amazing 100% natural stone, taking millions of years to form in the earth’s crust. Marble is created when limestone recrystallises during exposure to intense pressure and high temperatures.

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Onyx Worktops

Onyx is 100% natural stone. Uniquely formed in nature, which gives it distinct qualities. 

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